Weddings in Lupon

Half the reason we returned to the Philippines earlier this year was for the wedding of my wife’s niece. It was interesting for me, as it was about 9 1/2 years since my own wedding in the same town. While my wedding was in front of the Judge, Ida’s was in a local church. Apart from family, a lot of the same neighbours present at my wedding were at this year’s big event.

The nervous wait for the bride’s arrival

Bridesmaids and maids of honour crowd the church doorway

The groom’s arrival…still no bride

Cousins, brother, uncle and mother of the bride…still no bride

The smiling bride with her proud mum and dad

And so begins the wedding ceremony to end all others…

…after the first 1 1/2 hours, my butt was feeling the pain. But while almost everyone else went walkabout, I kept a stiff upper lip and saw out the marathon.

The pageboy hands over the rings

The pageboys and fairies are getting restless

Some peculiar thing with a sheet and a rope takes place. Can’t be all bad, the vicar’s still watching

Bridesmaids’ turn to get itchy. Chatter breaking out in the crowd.

More rope, they’ll never get out of this one.

And all of a sudden, the vicar’s had enough and it’s time to kiss the bride.

A speech from one of the Lupon ‘old girls’

And if the congregation thought they were getting out of there, they’d forgotten about the photo ops

I’m fairly open-minded, but a vicar horsing around wearing a crown with the fiery horns of hell at the back of the wedding photo is going too far…

Eventually it all proves too much for the fairies

Looking for an escape

The guy on the right has had enough, time to go

Another Lupon Wedding

Judge Lopez presiding…having been awol for a week or so.

Like two naughty kids in front of the headmaster…

Short n sweet, and no tortured pageboys.

Signatures not in triplicate, but sextuplate

And you should see the impecable list of witnesses on the wedding certificate, they look like they were rounded up by Cecil B deMille: Two x Jesus; Aida; and to cap it all, Judah Ben-Hur! I defy anyone to beat that.

And a quick sprint out of the court to avoid the waiting paparrazi

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3 thoughts on “Weddings in Lupon

  1. Hello po
    Magandang araw po sa lahat, ako po si Katherin C, Sebullen na pinanganak sa matiao davao oriental gusto ko lang po magkuha ang Baptismal ko hindi ko alam kung saan ako nabigyagan pero sa alam ko sa lupon church paano po ba makuha ang Baptismal.
    hoping for kinds consideration
    katherin sebullen
    kababayan of mati davao oriental

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