Bahay Kubo designs

A range of bahay kubo designs from the Philippines and inspiration from beyond for Filipino builders.


These Sasa homes are next to the car ferry

Balay are the inspiration for this resort south of Mati

Eden Park’s traditional village showcases this tribal chief’s bahay kubo

Viewed here from the uphill side

Other bahay kubo at Eden Park are available for rent

Some require a bit of courage

Others are grounded at one end…

…and airbourne at the other

Island Garden City of Samal (IGaCoS)

Abandoned kubo in Toril, Samal Island

Abandoned kubo in Toril, Samal Island

Toril, Samal Island

Toril, Samal Island




A new balay family home in Catagman

Bamboo furniture makes a comfortable place on the balcony

A sizeable house under construction in 2008 near Samal\’s bat caves

As spectacular a bahay kubo as you could wish to find – at the entrance to the bat caves

Punta del Sol\’s bahay kubo

A water-front bahay kubo at Punta del Sol

The restaurant and bar at Punta del Sol

More kubo-style restaurants here.

The Paradise Island bahay kubo on Samal Island back in 2005

A beach-front bahay kubo at the Bluewater resort on Samal Island


No holiday chalet, this is a family home near Lupon

Another home amongst the rice fields of Lupon

A more substantial modern Lupon home with traditional features

A Tambayang shelter at Villa Hager in Lupon

Another private tambayang shared by two neighbours – some Red Horse and peanuts and who needs television?

It might look good enough to live in…and it is…for a pig. This young native girl defends her Pasilongang

For photos of more local bahay kubo designs click here and here – includes photos of bahay kubo construction

Boracay bahay kubos (1990)

An interesting article about Boracay’s lost innocence I agree with the author, Boracay in 1990 was magical, when I returned in 2000, it was already desecrated.

Bahay kubo in the centre of Boracay in 1990 – before the developers moved in

The large bahay kubo at the end of the white beach during a strong breeze

Tourists enjoy the novelty of the bahay kubo…

…but need their creature comforts


A pagoda at Lake Bratan in the centre of Bali

A feature on the corner of the hindu temple compound

A genuine \’bahay kubo\’ nestling on Bali\’s rice terraces

A small resort in the centre of Bali with holiday chalets set in a pleasant garden.

Another holiday chalet on the north coast of Bali at Celukanbawang

The roof shape and door feature traditional designs

A bit of a cheat – this is a private house (built of concrete), but has plenty of traditional features (photo: Marc Smithy-Evans)

This garden setting is more traditional and rural

Grounds and pool of the Bali Dynasty Resort

Another corner of the Bali Dynasty Resort building and grounds

The sunshelter has a thatched roof

The thatching provides a habitat for this tokay gecko

Macrame\’d grass hang decoratively from the roof of this shelter (photo: Marc Smithers-Evans)

The entrance to the salubrious Bali Dynasty Resort in Kuta

This reception area has no walls but shading from the sun and movement of air through the area make a pleasant environment

The open-sided, moated restaurant

The reception area to the Celukanbawang resort on the northern coast of Bali

The view from the reception into the gardens beyond

Gardens that are worth few photos of their own


A rural lakeside shack in Japan

The roof of a Japanese temple viewed through the trees

Possibly the biggest bahay kubo in the world?

Unlike European churches and cathedrals, ancient Japanese temples from the same era are made almost entirely of wood.

A gold leaf bahay kubo could attract too much attention of the wrong sort


A wooden pagoda in Katmandu

The Katmandu flea market has some ancient stone built covered areas.


The Officers\’ Club, Bukom Island, Singapore in 1983

When visiting the Club (which was on the edge of an oil refinery)…

…one was reminded not to spit in the pool.

Kenya, Africa

The \’Salt Lick Lodge\’ in Kenya\’s Tsavo National Park. If you are inspired to build one of these in your Philippine resort don\’t omit the wild lions roaming free under the kubo.