Surf ‘n’ eat on the cheap

The new Abreeza shopping mall on JP Laurel Avenue has a large food court offering open air views of Samal Island across the cityscape.

Some of the eateries there are surprisingly affordable: around P100 providing a bowl of soup, a sizzling hotplate and a drink. In addition, you can take advantage of the free Wifi and surf the net at your leisure. Abreeza also has a Starbucks (with wifi) for those who like expensive coffees

Another good location is the Eurobaker/Eurocafe in the basement of Gaisano shopping mall.

Featuring their on-site bakery bread produce, use their free Wifi and recharge your device for free. The biggest problem with this eatery is catching the eye of the staff when you want to pay.

Update: Taste of Malaysia is no more. In its place is a new Yellow Fin Tuna outlet with eat in or takeaway options. Read more, here.

Tucked away behind the landmark Market Basket shopping centre at Damosa (JP Laurel Av)…

…is what must be one of the friendliest McDonalds, staffed by a very cheery crew – and the wifi is freely available.

One of Davao’s best kept secrets is the collection of Indian curryhouses opposite the Philippine College of Technology (road opposite Victoria Mall), outside the Medical School.

If (like me) you can’t live without a decent curry, this is the place to go. Around P120-150 gets you a very tasty, spicy chicken curry, rice and japati. While not offering wifi, there is an internet cafe in the same block serving the medical students, many of whom come from the Indian sub-continent.

Another confirmation of Davao’s good value can be had in this SunStar article.


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