Return to San Remegio

We first visited San Remegio by the very rough overland tracks last year. It’s worth the broken axels and punctures! Recently, we returned by far more relaxing and civilised transport and stopped for lunch and snorkelling.

San Remegio beach from the boat

Even from the boat deck, the coral gardens are beautiful

The real beauty though, is revealed when you put your head under the water and have a swim around.

The day we were on the boat trip, I was struggling with a leaky mask and no snorkell.

So, a few weekends later, I returned again with a new equipment. Here are some more photos of the beautiful coral at San Remegio.


4 thoughts on “Return to San Remegio

  1. great pics of the coral. Sadly it seems the fish have been fished out around Samal. Time for the government to install some marine sanctuaries. So many wonderful dive sites in Samal and no large fish anyway.

    • Mostly true, Steve, but recently while snorkeling from beach off Talicod I was repeatedly surrounded by huge shoals of large-ish fish.

  2. Ive recently purchased a large farm in Samal. Are there any fishing lakes or deep sea fishing areas around Samal that actually provide excellent fishing from a boat or have they been fished out too?

    • Steve, I’ve passed your contact details to an American I know who has a decent offshore boat and knows about fishing. Perhaps he can answer your questions

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