Southern Samal Island – June 2011

The rainy season followed the hot season, and with it came the otherwise mostly absent mossies. Not plagues of them, but enough to get noticed and be a nuisance. Other arrivals were more welcome, three little pigs and two little dogs! We bought the little pigs from our neighbour, the two little dogs decided that we offered just the sort of place they were looking for and moved in of their own volition. Actually, we had been considering adding dogs to our army of geese, so this was fortuitous. The three little pigs are just as friendly as the dogs and follow me around the land making happy grunts…they’ll make lovely bacon sandwiches in a few months time! A happy pig is a tasty pig!


This interesting place is being developed on the southern edge of Kaputian, the southern-most of the major towns on Samal Island

The buildings visible through the gaps in the gate look distinctly Balinese

The signs on the gate have an antique appearance

Samal's only arts & crafts shop is in the 'centre' of Kaputian. The resident artist and sculpter makes objet d'arts from driftwood and other reclaimed or natural materials

Look for the sign opposite the Kaputian beach

This oversized ethnic mask guards the door

Not all of the external fittings are intentionally decorative

Just some of the sculptures for sale...

In addition to the sculptures, they also sell bonsai trees

The purpose of our visit to Kaputian was to see the Dugong Sanctuary shown on the Samal Island tourist map. The sanctuary is supposedly immediately off the public beach… Sources elsewhere told me that no living Dugongs have been seen around Samal for the last 5 years. Thankfully, Franken-dugong still lurks at the public beach. If easily frightened, look away now:

Franken-dugong. He keeps the kids of Kaputian under control

San Remegio

Scared by the Dugongs (looking like exiles from the Island of Dr Moreaux) we headed further south (on the recommendation of the sculpter) to the beachside barangay of San Remegio. The roads were a test for the multicab, but this keeps the place exclusive and relatively unspoilt.

San Remegio beach

Wave-cut platforms, for all those 'climate change' worriers out there. Proof that climate isn't static!

The beautifully clear sea

Samal also has (or had) turtle sanctuaries dotted around the coast. This pair of sculpted turtles nested just above the northern end of San Remegio beach

Just beyond the stone turtles is a stone stairway

At the top of the stairway, another sculpture

And a very well maintained botanic garden

Red pineapples

and the common-or-garden version

The name of the garden - owned, we were told by a Korean investor


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