Views of Mount Apo


9th August 2017 – a full moon disappears down the caldera of Mt Apo


Mount Apo, the tallest volcano in the Philippines, is frequently lost in cloud. However, at certain times of the day the veil is withdrawn and this majestic, dormant mountain is revealed.

Samal 1417039

Early in the morning, before the cloud


Later in the morning, the cloud gathers


The view of the mountain from Paradise Island resort


It\’s hard to believe that just beyond the fringe of palm trees lies a city of over a million people


The peak emerges from the silver cloud in virtual monocolour


A clear view of Mt Apo from Punta del Sol resort


A fishing boat returns from the night’s fishing early in the morning

Sunset over Mt Apo from the Bluewater resort

Samal 1417028

Another day, another sunset – life is hard on Samal…no really

An interesting article about Mt Apo and Davao area.


Some unusual cloud formations over Mt Apo







View of the mountain from Penaplata.


The sun setting behind Mt Apo throws up a peculiar shadow above the towering cummulo nimbus


Another interesting optical phenomenon, viewed through the palm trees 500m further away from the mountain, Mt Apo looks imposing…


…but across open water and the sky, it shrinks in comparison.

Roiling cloud building up around Mt Apo after a very hot day



Mt Apo viewed from Banana Beach Resort some 60km north of Davao City


5 thoughts on “Views of Mount Apo

  1. No wonder it’s a magnet for tourists. We’re SO looking forward to seeing this up close when we visit next year. Thanks for whetting our appetites.

  2. You can go on organised guided 2-day climbs of the mountain. Something I hope to do in the not too distant future. There are native tribes living on and around the volcano.

  3. Hello. I am Mikhaela Mercado, a researcher for a new travel show called “The Balikbayan Project”.

    I would like to ask permission from you to use one of these photos of Mount Apo, particularly the wide shot of the view from Punta del Sol resort. The photo will be used as part of a graphics clip. Please do let me know if this is alright with you.

    I will send you a formal letter tomorrow from our Executive Producer, Giselle Tongi. For any response regarding this matter, please do email me at, so I would know as well where to send the letter from my boss.

    Thank you very much!


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