Street art around Davao

Around September 2011, on a side road near Victoria Plaza, I admired a set of black and white photographs of native Filipinos posted on a wall. The artist seems to be at work again on other parts of J.P. Laurel. I know nothing more that I can share, but I appreciate the artist’s dedication.

The first display I noticed

A new display on a wall between Victoria and Gaisano malls

Another gallery has appeared near Abreeza Mall. It’s not exactly Banksy, but I like it.

At last a clue, unfortunately, I don’t understand JP Sartre.

This is Banksy

And this is Moscow’s own Banksy, known as P183

And another pair of street art-icles here and here

More Russian street art photos can be seen here.

And joining the fray, an Argentinian pavement artist.

Here’s a great example of Afghan street art

A whole wordpress website devoted to street art in France.

A street art exhibition in the UK. Seems to miss the point a bit, being organised and officially approved.

Not all street art is popular.

Public art – share your pictures


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