Capture the Colour

An entry for the Travel Supermarket Capture the Colour Competition.

In December 2010, I dropped out of the Global Financial Crisis (which is actually the Western Financial Crisis) and moved onto my 1Ha of coconut plantation



My wife won’t thank me for this (unless I win the prize!). After a long round-the-island boat trip, we’d just jumped into the sea at San Remegio (Samal Island) when I grabbed this underwater photo without being able to look through the camera’s viewfinder. It’s very blue though, isn’t it.



The AgriFair Kadayawan 2012, Davao, Mindanao (Philippines). Decorative ferns showing nature’s perfect curves.



The Samal Island ferry from Davao (Mindanao, Philippines). I commute to and from work on the ferry each day; most days I get to see the ‘Eggman’ carrying his wares stacked on his yellow motorbike. Lot’s of yellow scrambled egg in the event of an upset.



If I don’t win this competition, the goose gets it. It’s as simple as that. His life is in your hands…well he’s in my hands, but you know what I mean. [One of my geese on my lifestyle smallholding on Samal Island, Davao, Philippines]



Erm…nah, I’m lost for words. The Indak Indak tribal street dancer competitors wait in a side street for their chance to impress the Mayoress of Davao. I have no idea what a Fanny Salon does.

Some of the shortlisted entries from around the world are here. The goose’s game is up.


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