Lechon Baboy – how to do it

If you want to see a lot of excitement build throughout the day, you need to see lechon baboy (hog roast) take place. It’s a big event. The following photos track a day in the life of a pig, from garden to plate.

The unsuspecting pig enjoys a scratch and a corn cob.

Around the corner water is boiled on an open fire of coconut husks

Skipping the gory bit, the body is thoroughly scraped clean and sterilised with the boiling water

Once the outside is cleaned, the guts and offal need to be removed

It doesn't all appeal to me, but nothing goes to waste

Please don't try this at home, it'll bring tears to your eyes

The cavity is stuffed with lemon grass and any other herbs to hand

The opening is sewn shut with split bamboo so the flavours slowly cook outwards

The roast starts in daylight

Darkness falls with a change of driver and more flames

Enough heat for long enough and the crackling begins

Lechon baboy served up on a bed of banana leaves. The queue for crackling forms

Another year, another hog roast

By arrangement, you can enjoy a hog roast at the Samal Bahay Kubo campsite

This one looks about done

Always time for a family photo around the pig

...that's a knife

The meat is perfectly cooked like the lemon grass and ginger root stuffing

This lucky guy got the tail to chew


25 thoughts on “Lechon Baboy – how to do it

  1. Hello…sarap naman ng lechon! Magpaparty po kami sa Paradise Island sa Samal around second week of August. Saan po ba pwede mag order ng lechon sa Davao, yung masarap na lechon?!??! Recommendations pls 🙂

    • Hi Jack! We are raising three young pigs at the moment – by the time August comes around they will be around 4 months old. If you want, we could supply you with a pig (live); slaughtered and prepared for roasting; or, completely cooked to your recipe (or ours). Our contact details are on the about page if you wish to discuss.

  2. Hello there! You have a very informative and impressive blog site. I am a homebased Filipina worker. My boss is from South France and we do a monthly edition of a low carb magazine on Itunes. One of our articles for the month of December is about lechon. I am thinking if I could use some of your photos for the magazine with proper attribution of course and we can put a link back to your site to drive traffic. Thanks! Hoping to hear from you soon.

    • Hi Loreta – seems like a very fair exchange. My father lives in NW France on the Britanny Atlantic coast. Where in Southern France is your boss from? Best regards to one of my favourite parts of the world.

  3. Thank you so much for your prompt response. I’m sorry but I forgot the exact location in South France. Anyway, we’ll be publishing our LC mag December edition in the next few days. So your images will definitely go with the article and we will put a link back to this very informative site of yours. I’ll also let you know once the mag is out. Thanks again and more power to you! Keep writing good stuff!!!

  4. ..hello po ask ko lng po magkno po ang lechon niyo 30kls po for this april 19 2014..sa mahan beach resort po kmi..thanks po..

  5. Hi Good pm, we are going to have a company party this june 21, 2014 and we’d like to order 2 litson, how do we do this.

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