Bahay Kubo-style Restaurants

A bahay kubo-style restaurant (or recreation area) is a common feature of Filipino resorts. Each is an expression of the imagination of the owner or the builder (or both), so the range of designs is probably greater than it is for the fairly standard bahay kubo.

Rocky Beach, Samal

Simple basic style and construction

Punta del Sol, Samal

Having stayed at Punta del Sol a few years ago, this very pleasant restaurant provided me with some inspiration to build something along similar lines.

Although I was left with the feeling that more could be done with the huge space in the lofty ceiling.

Paradise Island, Samal

The beach dining area

Recreation area

Multi-purpose meeting and function room

BlueJaz, Samal

The beach cafe/bar

The admin office/reception area

The very picturesque toilets

Restaurant function area

Again, not much use made of the roof space

Storage area, kubo-style



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