Bahay kubos arrive

The latest bahay kubo nearing completion

Two double bedrooms with separate entrances sharing a balcony

Newly completed painting and tiling

Currently the 'master bedroom'

The communal kitchen building also nearing completion

Finishing touches

Fitting out will be the next big job

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46 thoughts on “Bahay kubos arrive

  1. Sir,

    I am interested to know on how much a bahay kubo will cost…I have plan to have one built in Samal. The size will be 1000sqf. It will be 1 meter off the ground. It will be concrete with bamboo sidings, tin roof and grass over that for a roof. I know you might not be able to give an exact figure but I just want to have a little idea on how much will that possibly cost me. P.S. your projects are fantastic, Go GREEN!!!!!!Thank you.

      • Hi Po… Im Louie from davao po.. Im just wondering po kung pwede niyo send sa akin details ng bahay kubo na may 2 double rooms. Uwi po kami sa Samal this August po para mapatayo ang bahay.. Sa kaputian po sa may Alorro beach ( San remegio) 100sqm lang ang size ng lupa.. salamat po

  2. Hi!ill be spending a month in Davao from march 30th-April 30….been lookin around for a budget accommodation…found some cheap dormitel but I’d rather stay away from the city,just want a peaceful place to somehow reassess my life….and give myself a much needed rest… you have monthly rates?….can you kindly give me all the particulars…thank you very much…


  3. hi sir..if u could give me cost on how much to build as just same design here at this page at the very top 1 planning to build a house as soon i get back in philippines..thank you.

    • Hi Ayra! The exact cost depends on your choice of materials and the cost of labour available in your area. As you can see, the bahay kubo shown here is 1/2 cement and 1/2 amakan and uses coco-lumber framework with a nipa roof. An estimate would be that this one cost us around P180,000, including electric wiring, floor tiles, paint and toilet/bathroom fittings. Note that material costs are rising rapidly in the Philippines at the moment along with labour rates.

  4. Hello There,
    We have a couple of lots on Samal and plan to build there in two years. We have had occasional dialogue with you regarding your Bahay Kubo project(s). You had suggested that I look you up when we made our next trip and it looks like we will be there November 20th for around Ten days. What’s your schedule look like? We would also like to spend most of our time on the island and get better acquaainted with our future home. Reviewing your posts it looks as though you might rent out a few Bahay kubos for such occasions.
    If not I would apprreciate any direction that you may be able to provide.
    Looking forward to hearing from you



  5. I am planning to build a bahay kubo in a lot I bought in Samal. The bahay kubo will have a dimension of 8×8 meters, 2 bedrooms, concrete lower walls with bamboo upper walls and amakan for double walling, nipa hut ang with jalousie windows, with an attic and a bathroom with bath tub.Would u mind helping me with the estimate of the total cost for the construction?



    • Hi Dave – I would guess around P0.5M including labour and materials. That is how much we spent on our very similar bahay kubo last year. Materials are getting more expensive though.

  6. Good day,

    First i wanted to congratulate you guys for a great project that you have.

    Could you provide me the size, in square meter, of the two double bedroom units?

    Thank you

    • Ryan, have a look at the pdf plans linked to the How to do it page. The measurements given are in feet as that’s what my builders wanted when I designed them. The bedrooms are 10ft x 10ft. The original bahay kubo with just two rooms (each at 8ft x 8ft) was too small. It would be ok for a single bed, short term occupancy, but we were living there for 7 months while the bigger place (Mk II) was being built.

  7. hello there, we have a beach lot property in samal and we wanted to build a 2 bedroom bahay kubo there. Do you have samples and price quotes for labor and materials? Pls email me.. tnx

    • Gen, your best option is to visit us (via the Spice Hut restaurant in Penaplata) and show us your designs, or photos of the kind of bahay kubo you wish to build. Material prices change almost by the week. So you should shop around the hardware and lumber yards for the best prices or bulk deals. As a rough guide, the labour cost of a build is around 35% of the materials cost. In fact, on our last build, this is the deal we struck with our cement contractor.

  8. Is building permit required to build a 2 bedroom bahay kubo in a farm, around 50 to 60 square meters floor area? Many thanks in advance.

    • If it’s a bamboo bahay kubo, it is a temporary structure, so it might not require a permit. But you should check with your local city hall as they all interpret the rules differently.

  9. hi sir! wow nice kubo. i was wondering if you could give us a rough estimation of this for a 17×13 sq. mtr. home area? i really like your design and i was hoping if we could also do this. But our budget is only 35,000 pesos. is it possible to have this kind of design less the tiling and jalousie? we also asked our carpenter to build the house for 2 weeks. thanks in advance, really clueless bout this kinda thing. God bless!

      • Angus, Nice job on your latest and greatest design. We are still planning on moving to Samal in late 2015. We already have a house and lot in Digos City and want to also build on our lots near Pearl Farm. Curious as to the cost on this plan? Is this the work of your in-laws? Hope to hear from you soon

        George Noland

      • Hi George, the construction was done by my in-laws. Cost to build 18 months ago was around P0.5m, but materials and labour costs are rising around Davao City with all the building going on.

  10. Hi sir! I am from Leyte and I’m planning to build half cement and half amakan!would love to have 4 bedrooms! Tiles floor ,and glass sliding windows,and for the alkuba double walling ,and would like to use sin or metal much u think this will cost me?your help would be appreictaed

    • I’m not sure of the price of materials in Leyte after Yolanda, I guess that they are high because of demand. I would guess that a building like that would be in between 750k and P1m, but it would depend on the size of the rooms and sliding windows.

  11. Hi, we’re planning to build a small bahay kubo around 25sqm floor area. Devide into two small room a beranda and toilet. We can provide the coconut lumber, wall is kalakat, elevated kawayan floor. How much it would cost. Thanks

  12. Hi there, wouldmlike to know the contact person (contractor) for building a an eco beach house
    Using locally source materials within the island,property is located in kembali and design conceptmis recycled and local materials. Thanks

  13. Hi may i ask if there is a probability i cud build an amakan house with a budget of 40000?i likevto have a 2 bdrm and 1 t&b kitchen living lot area is 120sq.m how many meters do u think wil b the flr area .is it possible?

    • This will depend on the type of flooring you intend using. A cement floor will probably blow your budget, but if you are proposing a suspended bamboo floor it will probably be a very small bahay kubo with no internal kitchen. The fire risk would be too high.

  14. Hi magtanung aku Kung Ang Price nyo ay sali na Materials at Labor ,plano Ko kasi pagawa maliit na bahay na tirhan namin everytime mag uwi Sa pinas Sa samal May lupa aku don ung simple lang isang Master bedroom,Bath /Toilette ,kusina at sala half semint half amakan.ang buget ko ay 1-2k Salamat

  15. hi, would you mind if i ask for the budget if i want half cement and half amakan? i have 150 sq meter and i want quadruplex which is like 45sq or 40 sq floor and i want 1 room for each of them with small kitchen.can u pls give me idea. my location is in tagum city.

  16. Traveling to samal in sept ,can you give me your contact information ,ref. Need Baha’i kubo built on property

  17. Hi!

    My husband and I are fruitarians and going to Davao / Samal in October 25 till December 3.
    Do you have / know about any accommodations suitable for people like us? 🙂

    Thank you so much in advance!

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