Supporting Local Economies While Travelling. How and Why in 5 points.

Tropicalissimo - Philippines

A growing number of tourists want to pursue the admirable objective of helping local economies and people while travelling. This principle became widely known as a base of a sustainable tourism, thanks to a new consciousness privileging small-scale economies. More people want to travel and grasp the real experience with local people. If this happens in countries less wealthy than the place of origin of the travellers, good intentions of help and support also play a key role.

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What do we mean when we say helping local economies during a trip? Indeed, while visiting a place, we all support the local economy in one way or another: we pay taxes, hotels, transportations, restaurants and doing so we boost the economy of the host country and “give livelihood” to those people assisting us. Then, we think: how much of what we spend is effectively distributed and how much actually reaches the hands of a few people?…

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