Kadayawan 2011

I’ve been travelling to Davao for over 11 years, yet never managed to coincide my trips with the local ‘Thanksgiving’ or ‘Harvest Festival’ known as Kadayawan. The build up throughout the 3rd week of August has been interesting, but the festival is fantastic. A combination of colour, fruit and produce, culture, music and dance. I strongly recommend travellers coming to Davao for the first time to mark mid-August in their travel plan and to book early to avoid disappointment. I read that Davao’s hotels were booked up and that some visitors had to stay in Tagum, nearly an hours bus trip away.

Colourful displays of local fruit adorned the vast new Abreeza shopping mall

Guyabano is a must-try local fruit.

And of course Durian, for which Davao is so famous

Huge crowds gathered for Sunday's float parade

Most of the floats are created from flowers, many of them orchids

Riding the dragonfly


Motorcycle outriders

A handsome couple in traditional Muslim dress

From the amount of screaming, this was a locally famous actress

Marching bands

Coco Martin (a famous actor) down from Manila waves to his mate in the advertising hoarding

It takes rare talent and dedication to create a monkey as anatomically correct as this

An interesting article from the SunStar newspaper about Davao’s festivals.

The dates of this year’s Kadayawan 2012 are given in this article.


3 thoughts on “Kadayawan 2011

  1. Hi I contacted you several months ago regarding staying on Samal.
    I am arriving Davao Dec 28th & would like to tour around Samal with the interest of setting up a biking facility for my retirement. Can you suggest some activities for 2 on Samal possibly arriving by Bicycle?
    We would be interested in water slides, whales or dolphins & maybe island hopping. Probably staying 2 days 29th & 30th rates to stay at your place please. Thank you kindly, Glen

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